History of Community Service

A core part of SharedGeo‘s mission is contributing to the geospatial, Emergency Services Sector and open source communities.  Consequently, in addition to the expanded descriptions of contributions available under “Community Service”, here’s a chronological overview of some of our donated Community Service activities:

2012 & Ongoing

  • US National Grid (USNG) Emergency Location Marker Project (ongoing): Continued participation in a Minnesota Arrowhead pilot program to mark recreational trails using the US National Grid (USNG) system.  The anticipated outcome of this effort will be quicker response times in areas without “traditional” addresses.
  • MnGeo Emergency Preparedness Committee (ongoing): Continued event and equipment support for the nation’s largest state-based organization focused on the use of geospatial and related technologies in the Emergency Services Sector.
  • EPC Updates (ongoing): Continued to provide funding and time of Executive Director to maintain EPC Updates, a blog devoted to the use of geospatial and related technologies in the Emergency Services Sector.
  • GITA Sponsorship (April 2012): Joined GITA as a bronze sponsor in recognition of GITA’s significant ongoing contributions to improve the nation’s capacity for bringing geospatial technology to the blended world of infrastructure and first response.
  • GeoNetwork Catalog Improvement (May 2012): Funded project that placed into the public domain a significant open source software development that gives users an enhanced capability to share and access geospatial metadata.


  • Twin Cities GECCo Event Management (October 2011): Managed all aspects of the nation’s largest and most dynamic regional meeting focused on correcting deficiencies in the distribution and use of geospatial information for emergency preparedness and response.  In addition, contibuted funds to help make the event possible.
  • GeoMOOSE Users/Developers Meeting at FOSS4G (September 2011): Sponsored first national meeting of group to push GeoMOOSE software into the OSGeo incubation process.
  • State of Minnesota Geospatial Services and Geocoding Backup (July 1-20, 2011): Provided backup capabilities for the Minnesota Geospatial Information Office during Minnesota State Government shutdown.  Services so covered are extensively used by counties, cities and businesses on a daily basis.
  • Dallas GECCo Presentation (June 2011): Provided lecture support to GITA’s Dallas Geospatially Enabling Community Collaboration (GECCo) event.
  • Minneapolis Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Tornado Imagery (May 2011): Paid for missions flown by CAP to capture and distribute aerial photos for areas of Minneapolis devastated by tornadoes on May 22.
  • GeoMoose Incubation Planning Meeting (May 2011): Sponsored first local meeting of group to push GeoMoose software into the OSGeo incubation process.
  • GITA Minnesota-Wisconsin Meeting Sponsorship and Presentations (May 2011): Provided presentations and support to geospatial learning event focusing on infrastructure and emergency response.


  • Haiti Earthquake PDF Map Finder Service (January-August 2010): Developed and deployed a Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) map search feature for use by response, rescue, and recovery forces working in Haiti.


  • Red River Valley Viewer (March-May 2009): Developed and deployed the first virtual disaster response mapping capability built on lessons learned from the RNC experience in 2008.


  • Republican National Convention Common Operating Picture (June-September 2008): Created the first local COP ever used inside a United States Secret Service Multi-Agency Communications Center.