In support of nationwide public service efforts to help individuals and organizations understand the rapidly expanding nature of the COVID-19 virus crisis in the U.S., SharedGeo created a series of maps and related analytics which includes a by-county time-lapse view of the spread.

To view and learn more, go to SharedGeo’s U.S. Spread of COVID-19 Maps and Analytics website.

WetlandsSharedGeo is supporting the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative by serving current and historical spatial data in the US and Canadian Great Lakes region, surrounding watersheds and wildlife habitats. The project uses open-source tools to serve, catalog, map and distribute spatial data.

After a disaster, when the “normal” means to describe locations, such as street signs, are gone, the U.S. National Grid provide a standardized grid reference system that is seamless across jurisdictional boundaries and allows for pinpointing exact locations.

Since USNG is standardized, it can be understood and used as a common geographic framework for response. SharedGeo is creating a USNG Information Website. Learn more about SharedGeo’s USNG Project.

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SharedGeo has supported emergency responses including online map distribution during the 2009 Red River Valley Flood and 2010 Haiti Earthquake.

Forest with US National Grid Sign (copyright SharedGeo 2010-2012)You are walking along a forest trail and come across a seriously injured hiker. U.S. National Grid Emergency Location Markers could help deliver a speedy response!  SharedGeo is a national leader in providing U.S. National Grid products that support the Emergency Services Sector.

National Grid Map DetailSharedGeo specializes in Open Source mapping and web services solutions. We’ve created online systems for georeferencing hundreds of printable maps (like the U.S. National Grid map shown here), and specialize in GeoMoose and many other open source tools.

SharedGeo's mission is to help government, nonprofit, education, and corporate entities use mapping technologies and share geographic data for the public good. Bring us your ideas and let's see what we can build together.

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