Fiscal Sponsorship


In addition to Shared Funding Projects, in March 2022, SharedGeo took on its first Fiscal Sponsorship.  Through this IRS legally defined relationship, SharedGeo is able to extend its IRS tax exempt status to an effort which it believes will evolve into becoming a self-standing nonprofit with a mission inline with that of SharedGeo. The project SharedGeo’s Board of Directors decided to accept for its first Fiscal Sponsorship is the United States National Grid Institute (USNGI).

The mission of the USNGI is: “…to promote awareness and use of the U.S. National Grid standard as the nation’s primary geo-location coordinate system and ‘language of location’ for emergency response, data analysis, asset management and public mapping.”

The USNGI website is currently in development, but when active can be accessed using the link below.  Until then, you can donate to the USNGI by clicking here.

United States National Grid Institute