GeoMOOSE – Shared Funding Project


Quick Facts

Purpose: Support and contribute to GeoMoose Open Source Framework

Funder: SharedGeo and YOU!

Website: GeoMOOSE Website (download code, view demos & documentation, join the fun)

GeoMOOSE is an Open Source Web Client JavaScript Framework for displaying distributed cartographic data.  GeoMOOSE excels at creating a useful web-based GIS environment for those who need something that works from the first download. The GeoMOOSE demo (available on the GeoMOOSE website) contains a fully operating web-based parcel application. It can render, investigate, and even edit layers without the need to write a single line of code.

GeoMoose Demo Link

Click to link to GeoMoose Demo

The GeoMOOSE core is written using JavaScript and HTML. It is entirely possible to run GeoMOOSE with nothing more than a basic web server. But besides the basic client core, GeoMOOSE also comes prepackaged with a number of built in services written in PHP. These services add the ability to perform drill-down identify operations, selection operations, and search data sets. If you have existing scripts that perform similar functions, GeoMOOSE can be tuned to work with those services, no matter which language they were written.

Being an open source project, GeoMOOSE is also built upon other open source projects: MapServer, OpenLayers, and Dojo Toolkit.

As FREE software that is used by a wide variety of units of government, non-profits, and other “common good” efforts where cost of commercial software would otherwise be a deterrent, SharedGeo supports the GeoMOOSE project by hosting the GeoMOOSE website and providing staff time to support, develop and enhance GeoMOOSE.  We hope this contribution helps the GeoMOOSE user community and invite you to contribute to it however you can.

All funds donated will be used to pay for needed code improvements that will support the general user community. Donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.  You can donate using the button below!