2018 – Association Management


Quick Facts

Purpose: Multi-year association administrative transition and management

Funder: GITA

Project Partner: GITA

After the extended economic downturn of 2008 led to layoff of the Geospatial Information & Technology Association (GITA) nine full-time personnel in spring 2012, the GITA Board of Directors asked SharedGeo to take over management of the association.  In assuming this role, SharedGeo was faced with the daunting task of transitioning nearly 32 years of hard copy administrative records and established business practices into online solutions for the nation’s largest geospatial organization focused on the infrastructure sector. This situation required transitioning scores of business accounts, the complete rebuild of GITA’s website and association management system, creation of a collaborative online work environment leveraging Google’s Nonprofit Business suite, and significantly expanding social media platforms.  SharedGeo accomplished these tasks while simultaneously managing the association’s day-to-day business and developing or supporting 20 some international, national or regional conferences. Despite these significant challenges, SharedGeo was able to provide these services for approximately 15% of what the association had previously paid by implementing a variety of administrative technologies.

After completing transition of GITA into a virtually managed association, in late summer 2018, SharedGeo handed off management responsibility to Civica Associations Conferences & Exhibitions of Aurora, Colorado.