USNG Information Center

Quick Facts

Purpose: “Emergency Response Language of Location”

Funder: SharedGeo!

Project Partners: America’s Emergency Service Sector

Realizing that across jurisdictions in the United States there is no uniform way for members of the Emergency Service Sector (ESS) to effectively communicate location, in 2001 the Federal Geographic Data Committee endorsed use of the Military Grid Reference System as the solution for this problem.  Specific to the United States and territories, this geolocation coordinate system – with some slight modifications – is referred to as the U.S. National Grid (USNG).  Despite subsequent endorsement by multiple federal departments and agencies (including FEMA), states, and professional organizations, adoption has been thin and supporting resources marginal.  In an effort to solve this issue, in 2011 SharedGeo established and has since maintained the nation’s principal informational resource center about the USNG.  The USNG Information Center can be accessed using the link below:

U.S. National Grid Information Center