2019 – DragonEye GPS Tracking Software

Quick Facts

Purpose: Develop GPS tracking software which when paired with appropriate telematics hardware can provide a Common Operating Picture view of aircraft and ground equipment movement and thereby facilitate collision warning and avoidance.

Funder: SharedGeo

Pilot Project Partners: AmeriTrak Fleet Solutions, LLC and Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

Based on research and development into Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) tracking already underway by SharedGeo staff, in 2012 SharedGeo was recruited by AmeriTrak Fleet Solutions LLC to participate in a proof of concept project at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.  The goal of this project was to create an in-cab system which could warn a ground services driver of an impending collision with an aircraft or other ground equipment.  In support of this concept, there was a need for a robust visualization interface which could provide both a Common Operating Picture view of the airport environment to all users, and visually warn and record instances of runway incursion.  DragonEye was developed as a web-based solution in response to these requirements.

Although the basis of the DragonEye code owed its origin to simpler uses like the tracking snow plows for a municipality, over nearly four years of follow on development it not only retained these basic capabilities but evolved into a highly versatile platform capable of supporting the needs of the aviation sector where display accuracy and high data throughput rates are critical to safe operations. Furthermore, in its final version, DragonEye gained the absolutely unique ability to receive and track every type of GPS enabled device.

By mutual agreement, in early 2017 SharedGeo and hardware vendor AmeriTrak terminated their business relationship.  The SharedGeo Board of Directors subsequently voted to mothball the project in early 2019 in order to devote development time to higher priority projects.

An informational brochure is available by clicking here.  A link to a PPT which shows screenshots and highlights DragonEye capabilities can be found below.