GIS for Disasters: State Services Backups Provided by SharedGeo

July 15, 2011 No Comments by Nancy

At the end of June it appeared that the MnGeo image service that so many depend on would be shut down with other MN State services. SharedGeo offered to provide a backup site, since we had the capacity and expertise needed, and the state GIO accepted our offer. About 4 hours before the cutoff deadline the MnGeo image service was given a reprieve and left up, with no means of support if it went down. The SharedGeo backup was fully functional and word was spread through the MnGeo Emergency Preparedness Committee that the backup was available. The Metro Geocoder, however, was shut down with other MnGeo “non-essential” services, and SharedGeo staff set up an alternative instance which went into use soon after the shutdown. See  “Available GIS for Disasters” for the latest details.

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