SharedGeo at FOSS4G 2011, Denver

September 5, 2011 No Comments by Nancy

Mon. 9/12, 1-5 pm, Tower Ct. B – Workshop on GeoMoose, an extensible client framework for MapServer that provides a robust web mapping interface but with data maintenance and management distributed to the data owners. Bob Basques & Jim Klassen, with Dan Little

Weds. 9/14, 5:30 or 7 pm, (Room TBA) Birds-of-a-Feather session on GeoMoose and new releases – Dan Little, Jim Klassen, Bob Basques, Brian Fischer, + …

Thur. 9/15, 3:30-4 pm, Tower Ct. B – GeoMoose and NonProfits – Bob Basques & Jim Klassen

Fri. 9/16, 1-1:30 pm, Denver Rm. – Open Source and the Common Operating Picture – Steve Swazee & Bob Basques

Plus watch for GeoMoose demos at the OSGeo Booth – times to be posted…(

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