SharedGeo Executive Director & USNG Featured in “Living Ready” Magazine

September 1, 2013 No Comments by central

SharedGeo Executive Director and U.S. National Grid proponent Steve Swazee was featured in the article “One Grid to Rule them All” by Brett Ortler in Living Ready magazine’s Fall 2013 issue.

The article provides a brief history of the U.S. National Grid system including examples of how using the U.S. National Grid can overcome problems encountered by emergency responders when using latitude and longitude.  The article goes on to explain how the grid works. Using the National Grid coordinates for the Minnesota State Capitol Building as an example, Ortler details how the coordinates are broken down into zone designations, regional codes, and local coordinates to provide the most precise location information possible. Ortler also discussed how the U.S. National Grid can be used with both electronic and paper maps.

Ortler cites the simplicity and versatility of the U.S. National Grid as the primary reasons to use the system, and he features SharedGeo’s Minnesota Marker Project as a real-life example of the Grid in action.  Though currently in trials, the Minnesota Marker Project has led to at least one rescue and is being used as the model for other Grid programs throughout the country.

You can read more about SharedGeo’s efforts with the Minnesota Marker Project under the Projects tab. Check out the Living Ready website to learn more about the magazine and “One Grid to Rule them All.”

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