SharedGeo Goes to WLIA Conference

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Technical Director Bob Basques mans the SharedGeo booth.

Technical Director Bob Basques mans the SharedGeo booth.

SharedGeo Executive Director, Steve Swazee, and Technical Director, 
Bob Basques, each gave presentations at the 27th annual
 Wisconsin Land Information Association (WLIA) conference February 
12-14 at the Marriot Madison West in Middleton, Wisconsin.  The
 conference focused on making the vision of Wisconsin’s GIS future into 
a reality and served as a platform to showcase the latest open source 
technology–including SharedGeo’s shared funding project, GeoMOOSE.

Executive Director Steve Swazee presented SharedGeo’s Minnesota Marker
 Project: “U.S. National Grid Trail Markers — Bringing
 Geo-location to a Trail Near You!”  The presentation discussed the 
technical and practical considerations for deploying the USNG marker 
system, and the ways it enhances safety and emergency response in 
recreational areas, like parks and trails. Mr. Swazee also talked 
about how markers have been deployed in Minnesota’s
 Arrowhead region, and how the markers are being considered for
 statewide adoption by snowmobile clubs and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Technical Director Bob Basques’s presentation highlighted SharedGeo’s
 Automatic Vehicle Locating (AVL) system. Basques discussed how the AVL 
system was built using GeoMOOSE, OpenLayers web clients, Mapserver, 
and the PostgreSQL database, and why the team chose to build their own
 web viewer instead of a commercial package. Mr. Basques also 
demonstrated AVL production services in a live view mode.

Both workshops were well attended, and SharedGeo’s booth in the
 exhibition hall experienced heavy traffic with conference-goers 
expressing strong interest in SharedGeo’s open source software,
 GeoMOOSE, Mr. Basques’s AVL project, and the USNG Minnesota marker
 project. You can learn about GeoMOOSE, the AVL project, or the USNG 
Minnesota marker project and all our other projects on the SharedGeo

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